The Modest Aristocrat is a modest fashion blog and a Spiritual email newsletter aiming to help you become the best version of yourself through modesty & Islam.

Habibata Diallo started this blog in April 2020 with the intention of sharing her knowledge of modest fashion to the world. She has now shifted her focus to make her posts more exclusive by creating her very first email reminders, which is completely free to sign up. And will always be free to sign up.

Every Sunday an email letter/reminder is released to subscribers all around the world sharing a reminder of our beautiful Deen.

I want all women and teen girls to become beautifully amazing people that makes mistakes sometimes. We can’t be perfect all the time because we’re human, and what a beautiful thing that is.

Overall my email reminders and blog posts are aimed to make you the best version of yourself in all aspects of life, style, religion and more. I would love for you to join me in my next Reminder or Blog post.

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Posting Schedule :

Email Reminder: every Sunday

Blog post: every Wednesday

The Modest Aristocrat

What You’ll Get

Sunday Reminders

These reminders are emailed directly to you, containing my hand crafted and love filled reminders. Each reminder is going deep into what it means for us to be Muslims and how we can continuously better ourselves and become amazing, strong, intelligent and beautiful Muslimahs.

Exclusive Perks

For my beautiful and beloved sisters who join the email reminders you will receive exclusive perks like getting my digital products completely for free. As well as joining me for Muslimah Speaks, where I speak on topics about Islam, modest fashion, self transformation and more on my Podcast. Receive full access to all my products for free, master classes, Q & A sessions and more just by signing up.

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