How To Shop For Elegance And Class

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Shopping for elegance and class is a hard skill for any affluent lady. Especially if it’s on a budget, so I have curated a few tips on how to shop elegantly on a budget.

1. Imperfections

Always be on the lookout for any loose threads or loose buttons. The garment should be in tip top shape. If your tailor can fix it give it to them.

2. Tailoring

This might cost a bit extra but as stated in my previous tip, leave it to the professionals. If you can mend your clothes to make it flattering to you, try it. If an items is not available in your size, size up and send it to your tailor. Your tailor can be your best friend in the style department.

3. Second Hand Luxury

Hear me out on this, you can find beautiful Chanel handbags that have barely been used on second hand sites and stores. There are even some brands that allow you to rent out luxury goods. The catwalk club is my most favorable. ThredUp and The Real Real has an amazing collection of luxury goods.

4. Details

Always be keen on how a garment is styled and portrayed. I was in Zara the other day. I saw this beautiful camel coat, but what really threw me off was the cheap gold buttons. Pay attention to the details of the garment. Does it look cheap or does it look expensive?

5. Fabric Content

In Zara I discovered this beautiful satin maxi dress. It was 95% polyester satin and 5% elastane. It was really great quality for a measly $45. Make sure you are picking good natural fibers and a high quality polyester. I love to get my silks from Lily silk.

6. Dainty Jewels

Unfortunately you can’t be “cheap” with jewelry. But instead look for pieces that are stunning but wearable. Maybe a statement piece if you live a more stament lifestyle. Monica Vinader, Pandora, and Ted Baker are my favorite places to shop for jewelry.

7. Color

If you wish to buy more expensive clothes, purchase in neutrals. Majority of affluent Ladies and even men rely on neutrals. Your average black is not so great anymore opt for navy. Neutrals such has, white, cream, beige, camel and navy are easy to style and work well on many levels. Some pops of color will be great as well. But for expensive clothing go for the neutrals.

8. Style

The way you style clothes are a big factor on the elegant meter. Hire a personal stylists or send me your style dilemmas to ensure you look your best every single day.

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By Habibata Diallo

Shikamoo! That’s hello in Swahili, but for English it’s just plain Hello. Hey there, I’m Habibata a fashion obsessed teen fashionista and writer. I love to share all my modest fashion tips and style tricks on my blog. It’s honestly fun to write to all of you. I love to read too! Something about books just captures my heart, for some it may be Anime or Sci-fi. For me it’s books, I’d love to hear what you like. I’ve been dragging on for a long time so now it’s time to say Ciao. I upload every Saturday.

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