The Most Sought After Bag: The Hermés Birkin And How It Came To Be

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Today’s topic is a fun jump back in history. The Hermès birkin has been the most coveted and sought after bag in history. The unique shape and style of the bag attracts the eyes of many individuals. The beautiful lock and and key is an iconic totem of this bag. Replicas out there can not copy the uniqueness and exclusivity this bag projects.

This IT bag of the decades was a product of a little bit of luck and an airplane sick bag. The famous style icon and actress Jane Birkin was on a flight to London from Paris for an event. Her famous basket bag was with her of course, when she tried to put her bag in those annoying overhead bins her bag released everything. It was a giant avalanche of beauty products, baby bottles and other random necessities. She stuffed everything back and sat down in her seat annoyed and frustrated, she began to express her handbag problems to the oh so kind gentlemen seated beside her.

The man was no other than Jean Louise Dumas the head designer of Hermès at the time. All her frustrations were solved by a single sketch. Jean Louise Dumas created an intricate handbag on the back of a airplane sick bag, the Birkin 40 was born. Of course the amazing actress was obsessed with the look and style of her custom handbag. The bag was than made later in 1984 as the birkin, named after the actress.

What took so long was most likely because the bag was handmade and the leathers were exotic. The bag did not popularize until the 1990’s. Since the bag was handmade with exotic leathers, supply was small. Select Hermès stores could only have few in stock, the bag is highly exclusive. You can get used birkin bags and Kelly’s on sites such as The real real, Rebag and other designer consignment stores. These handbags go from $10,000 to $500,000, the most expensive being the Himalaya birkin.

This birkin is made with an albino alligator leather, which is highly expensive because of its scarcity. The birkin come in multiple sizes such as the, 25cm, 15cm, 28cm, 30cm, 32cm, 35cm, 40cm, 45cm and the 50cm. Of course over the years the birkin has expanded its sizes from 40cm. The most iconic bags of the birkin is, the Himalaya, The Shadow birkin, the grand mariage birkin and the away we go birkin.

Over the years the birkin bag gains value and the prices increases, many purchase this bag as a great investment and style necessity. Singapore elite Jamie Chua has the current largest birkin bag collection with over 200 bags. Victoria Beckham is close second with over 100 birkin bags. Let’s just say this bag will go down in the fashion history books.

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By Habibata Diallo

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