How To Dress Up Your Basic Black Abaya Dress

Dear Ladies,

We all share this terrible habit of wearing black everything, black hijabs, dresses, shoes, eyeliner maybe even lipstick (if you’re into that), it gets worse as we age too. Repeat after me ladies, “black is chic and timeless but color is needed too”. Of course we’ll never stop wearing black so here are some tips on how to dress up your basic black abaya dress. Quick tip: if you are new to Islam and dressing modestly, getting a simple and basic black abaya dress is a necessity. Get your DIY juices flowing ladies and read on.

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A black abaya dress is the perfect blank canvas to layer on jewelry or add some fun touches. Those touches can range from cool designs/patterns using fabric spray paint or adding a statement belt to tie the look in. (Pun intended) You can go wild with this one ladies, it’s really all up to you.

Add New Elements

You don’t have to be a professional seamstress to sew a lace trim. This is the fun part ladies, adding lace or cool beading can change the entire look and feel of the dress. Maybe find a pretty eyelet lace trim in a contrasting color like white/cream, sew it on the bottom hem of the abaya and on the sleeves. Try some cool beading patterns, Pinterest has so many design options for you to try. You don’t have to do the hard stuff, good old fabric glue or e6000 glue can hold together any embellishment you want to place on. Try some gemstones, ribbons, shells or even crystals.

Shoes, Shoes, and Shoes

Cinderella couldn’t go to the ball with flip flops on so she got herself a pair of glass slippers. This is just the same, play up your feet. If your abaya is floor length a nice pair of yellow pumps will give quite a pleasant pop. Now don’t go and order a pair of yellow pumps if you don’t like yellow, any bright color shoe is perfect. Another tip I shared is, to make sure your heels don’t make noise. If your shoes make noise it is considered Haram because it can attract attention from the opposite gender.

When In Doubt Belt It

Now, now your abaya/dress is meant to be loose but you can belt it in a way without showing too much. You can loosely belt your abaya, just like when you’re wearing the open abaya or robe. Fabric belts are nice but metal belts can make you feel like an Amazon warrior. Still afraid of belting it to tight, than dive into the world of chain belts. Chain belts sit lower on the waist and it can give a nice and edgy look. Shein and other affordable sites will have just what you’re looking for.

Statement Necklaces

I don’t know about you but I can’t escape the world of statement necklaces. Wearing big and bold necklaces have been favored among women for centuries. Jewelry is such a personal subject, so choose statement necklaces that really speak to you. A common problem I see with the hijabi world is short necklaces. (Ugh, what a horror indeed) To make these shorter necklaces hijab friendly purchase necklace extenders to make them a bit longer, thank me later. Now these necklaces can be embellished with some black stones, beads or even a cool geometric design, to be subtle try pendant necklaces.

Spritz Spritz!

Roll up your sleeves ladies it’s time to get dirty. Grab a few cans of fabric spray paint at your local Michaels because this one is a winner. Use some painters tape and create a cool geometric design at the bottom of your abaya or sleeves, (they will be highly visible this way) than spritz on your spray paint. Quick tip: spray some bleach on the area you want to dye and when it’s a lighter color or white spray on the paint. It will make the color more visible, there are only so many colors that will be visible on black fabric. Get some cool sticker stencils to make this really your own original piece. DM me some of your best work ladies on Instagram too.

A Colorful Waterfall

All your black hijabs might hate me for this, but wearing colorful hijabs is not as scary as you think. Tik Tok has some amazing hijabis that have an endless amount of hijab tutorials featuring their colorful and printed hijabs. Quick tip: putting flattering colors near your face can level up you look. Start off small with wearing darker colors like burgundy, crimson, royal blue, mustard, teal, etc. Congrats ladies, you have officially past the basic hijabi stage. Now the next step will be to wear some colorful abayas, too soon, okay.

Brooch It Up

Playing dress up in your mother’s closet is the best childhood memory of the century. But your grandmothers closet is another topic. What are your thoughts on brooches? I know you’ve seen those stunning Chanel logo brooches or the dazzaling crystal Gucci brooches. Wherever you saw them, brooches add a nice bit of class and elegance, which we all strive for. Don’t run off and purchase a $500 brooch just yet, try affordable ones first. Colorful brooches in striking silhouettes and cuts can add life to your abaya. Try a crystal encrusted brooch with copper accents or a Canadian red maple leaf to welcome fall. Brooches can symbolize so much about you and life that it can be its own university course.

Wrapping It Up

To conclude this style letter I will let you go with a Surprise Bonus. I have recently started up my fiverr account to help you ladies with your style. But if your here for some business insight I’m your girl too. I have many style services such as 1 on 1 Style sessions. These sessions can really help you to identify your style, and gain more knowledge about fashion and your intriguing style. I also have a custom capsule wardrobe service, where I will create a cohesive collection of pieces for you that match well together and take little to no effort to put together the perfect outfit. There are some graphic designing services too like, custom logos, business cards invitation cards and so much more. Fashion is not my only talent ladies! Do check it out to continue to support The Modest Aristocrat.

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