How To Wear Fall/Winter 2020’s Most Trendiest Colors

Dear Ladies,

It’s time for another Fall post. Today I’m giving you all the tips you need to style this fashion seasons trendiest hues. As we seen on the runways bright colors were abundant, not all of us walk around in full glam. I created a consise guide for you on how to style these popular colors. I promise you it’s not hard, yes some of these will push you out of your comfort zone. But what’s life without a little bit of fun. I’ve also created 3 outfits using the tips I give you, for each color. Away we go to the land of color!

Forest Green

We’re going to start off with a classic color. Green is always a basic and this season, many hues of green are present, there is military olive and forest green and not to mention ultramarine green. Ultramarine green is really forest green but a few shades lighter, don’t be fooled by the name.

To wear this vibrant shade wear muted colors or colors opposite of green. These colors can be yellow, yellow is a very good choice, preferable goldenrod yellow. For a monochrome look you can too go for a different shade of green. This shade look best in flowy silhouettes, tighter garments in this shade honestly reminds me of a snake. I can’t be the only one. Of course you can go for a tailored fit but not skin tight. Some silhouettes you can go for are dresses, jumpsuits especially and a pair or two of chunky knit sweaters. Overall keep the sillhouetes flowy and the colors neutral and muted. This can work with any of the trendy greens like celery green or yellow green.

Burnt Orange

I bet you love fall as much as I do. When fall comes to mind orange is all we can think of. Almost every year popular brands have a full array of clothes in this burnt orange shade. There are so many ways to style this color. You can wear this color with a very Halloween-esque type color palette. These colors include, royal purple and blue, black, light to medium wash denim, creamy whites and red. Burnt orange looks great as a blazer with an all black look or perhaps a dress in this shade accompanied by a burgundy cardigan.

To push your comfort zone try purchasing garments with cool patterns or dazzling embellishments in burnt orange.

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Fuchsia Pink

Pretty in pink is always in. Today’s hottest pink color is fuchsia. Last year it was millennial pink this year is this vibrant beauty. You can play down this color with some basic neutrals, like grey, white/cream and nude. Not a bit fan on neutrals I did a post all about on how to make you feel better about neutral colors. Read the post here. You can also go for the contrasting color approach by wearing it with purple or orange, lemon yellow sounds like a great idea as well. This shade really sits well with blue as well, go for smooth and shiny fabrics for this fabric. Smooth satin and silk will look great. Refrain from wearing very textured fabrics with this color, it will cast unflattering shadows.

Madarin Red

Red looks great on every women let’s begin by addressing that first. This is a very outspoken color and it may put a few people off, you can tone down the brightness by wearing mandarin red accessories. For colors such as these I suggest wearing them through your accessories. It you are bold enough to wear it as a garment then go for fabrics that have very minimal texture, ribbing and draping can be considered as minimal texture.

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Exuberant Orange

Exuberant Orange is a very bright and powerful color. As you can see above I styled it with plenty of beige accessories. I wanted to keep it simple and added some rich brown colors. As for fabrics semi opaque flowy tulle or smooth velvet really compliments the hue. Keep it semi opaque or fully textured. Plenty of drapey pieces will look great in this color as it creates perfect shadows that can highlight your complexion. Satin fabric or any type of fabric with a subtle sheen will also look great.

True Blue

This color is described as a reliable and constant blue, just like jeans. Finding your perfect pair of jeans in every style that you fancy is a must. Time to play it up ladies, wear this blue hue with some complimenting blue denim in any wash. The ideal silhouette and print to wear with blue is flowy and minimal floral or any other minimal print. Maybe stock up on some pretty blue cardigans or sweaters. Contrasting or complimentary colors will make you look extra fresh and new this Fall.

Sending Off…

Wearing color can change the way we feel about ourselves by such a degree you will never want to wear a boring color again. Each color promotes a different emotion and it just might liven up your day. If you want to learn all about the meaning of each color click here. I can’t wait for you to read my next post, which will blow your mind. It is everything you needed since quarintine came. Join in on Wednesday to see what’s thats all about. Also ladies drop me a comment on which color you are most afraid to wear. I will personally respond to you and give you some tips on how to wear it.

By Habibata Diallo

Shikamoo! That’s hello in Swahili, but for English it’s just plain Hello. Hey there, I’m Habibata a fashion obsessed teen fashionista and writer. I love to share all my modest fashion tips and style tricks on my blog. It’s honestly fun to write to all of you. I love to read too! Something about books just captures my heart, for some it may be Anime or Sci-fi. For me it’s books, I’d love to hear what you like. I’ve been dragging on for a long time so now it’s time to say Ciao. I upload every Saturday.

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