Fashionable & Protective Fashion Masks To Wear This Season

Dear Ladies,

It’s always mask season and here are some ways to dress up your style. With a mask of ours! After COVID hit us like a brick these fashion accessories turned into a necessity. But the fashion police is not complaining it’s a great way to style up your look. We just might need a mask for every look but I did include some versatile masks as well. Even fashion retailers and designers jumped on the bandwagon and created matching sets including a mask. A delicate white mask with some pearl detailing would go perfect for a soft and feminine look. Or perhaps a black mask with some chains for a more street wear style. Either way there are plenty of masks for the complicated style of ours.

By Habibata Diallo

Shikamoo! That’s hello in Swahili, but for English it’s just plain Hello. Hey there, I’m Habibata a fashion obsessed teen fashionista and writer. I love to share all my modest fashion tips and style tricks on my blog. It’s honestly fun to write to all of you. I love to read too! Something about books just captures my heart, for some it may be Anime or Sci-fi. For me it’s books, I’d love to hear what you like. I’ve been dragging on for a long time so now it’s time to say Ciao. I upload every Saturday.

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