5 Bag Styles You Should Add To Your Wardrobe

Dear Ladies,

I feel as though we haven’t talked about handbags. So today’s fashion letter topic is handbags. Specifically 5 handbag styles that we all need to have in our wardrobes. As I said with jewelry, handbags are such a personal item. Each handbag you own can hold such amazing memories and sentimental value of. But these handbags are really just here for practical reasons. Now, not all of these will be your cup of tea, but I urge you to try them out. Personally I’ve never liked mules before, but after trying them on one summer they quickly became my most worn shoes that summer. (And every summer after that.) Always try it out before making your final judgment. But anyways let’s get talking about handbags.

1. Box Bag

Now hear me out before you move to the next bag. A box bag is such a looked down upon bag but you will soon realize how functional they are. Their structure creates a beautiful elegant feel, naturally they are perfect for evening events. I’ve listed 3 of my favorite box bags that are perfect for everyday use. They don’t store much, but the restriction makes you think more about the items you need.

2. Bucket Bag

Bucket bags are just delightful, their shape is so classic and it’s recently been on trend. But honestly you can wear this bag every single day. For a little stroll in the park or an evening lunch or brunch. It’s quite a versatile bag which is why I adore it so much and you will too.

3. Tote Bag

I know, I know, totes are such a basic bag. Every women has it but it’s not being used to its fullest. Ladies, a canvas tote bag is not only for carrying your groceries, it can be a school bag, a work bag. It can be an everyday bag. I suggest you to get many well designed and well made tote bags.

4. Quilted Bag

Here’s a little inspiration from the icon herself, Coco Chanel. Her absolute iconic quilted bag design has been seen everywhere to the point where it became a timeless classic. This just may be one of the bag styles that will never go out of style. You don’t need to purchase an infamous Chanel quilted bag but other bags with the same style works just as fine.

5. Square Bag

Here’s yet another designer inspired bag. The Lady Dior bag was popularized after Princess Diana wore it on multiple occasions. Something about the lady Dior silhouette creates the perfect balance of a tote and evening bag. It’s really the perfect bag for every lady to wear.

By Habibata Diallo

Shikamoo! That’s hello in Swahili, but for English it’s just plain Hello. Hey there, I’m Habibata a fashion obsessed teen fashionista and writer. I love to share all my modest fashion tips and style tricks on my blog. It’s honestly fun to write to all of you. I love to read too! Something about books just captures my heart, for some it may be Anime or Sci-fi. For me it’s books, I’d love to hear what you like. I’ve been dragging on for a long time so now it’s time to say Ciao. I upload every Saturday.

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