The Modest Minimalist Wardrobe Essentials

Dear Reader,

Hey there it’s Habibata welcome back to a new post, this post is for the aspiring minimalist. These are all the must have pieces for a minimalist wardrobe. These pieces are so easy and so simple you can find them at many retail stores.

The minimalist aesthetic is so chic and something about the clean cuts and solid colors has me head over heels. You can see from the basics that the details are not overlooked. Details are a big deal when it comes to dressing simply, but beware the colors may be bland.

If you’re a big lover of neutrals than this is your dream collection of essentials. Most popular colors many minimalist bloggers wear is, white, cream, black, beige, camel and sometimes gray, but that’s rare. If you’re ready to see all my modest picks scroll on down.

1. Beige Wide Leg Pants

Paper bag shorts are a staple amongst minimal fashion influencers. But if you lengthen them they become your classic tailored wide leg pant. You can wear these pants with a classic black turtleneck and blazer. It’s a true staple, and since it’s neutral it often goes with any color.

2. Longline Black Blazer

When I think of minimal fashion, square toe boots and black blazers come to mind. Black blazers gained a lot of attraction and I can see why, they add just that level of pizazz a boss outfit needs.

Don’t want to look like a professional than getting relaxed blazers are your best choice. This is a personal fave, big shoulder pads are not my cup of tea.

Are you in favor of big shoulder pads or not?

3. Black Turtleneck

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Black turtlenecks are a timeless staple for every wardrobe. They are a MUST.

This piece is so great for layering. Especially if you have a strappy dress. You can still keep it modest, just throw a shirt underneath.

4. White Shirt

Longline shirts are such a classic for the modest dresser. It covers your bottom and it’s very chic. Tuck the front in and leave the back hanging out. Or tuck your shirt in, and throw on a cute blazer, with some wide leg jeans.

5. Gold Circle Pendant Necklace

Gold, gold, gold, and more gold. Gold is a big deal when it comes to dressing like a minimal influencer. Those cute dainty necklaces with the hammered gold circular pendant is such a dream.

I’m completely obsessed with them. Also a quick tip for my Hijabi’s, if your necklace is too short, instead of wearing it on top of your hijab or worse, throwing it away, buy necklace extenders.

They are a complete game changer and you can find them on Amazon.

6. Gold Chunky Chain Necklace

Another jewelry staple, while this on is the trendy side of things, it’s still very classic on its own. The chunky gold necklaces have been all over Pinterest and just about on every influencer there is.

It’s a statement piece but it can be worn by those who often prefer dainty jewelry. They add some style and flare to any look, especially an all black look. Trust me, these necklaces are amazing.

Sending Off…

I hope you love this post as much as I loved writing it. These pieces are truly staples in my book, and they work so well in capsule wardrobes.

Also don’t forget to follow me on the Gram and drop a comment down below. I love hearing from you guys.

Ciao Bella.✨🌼

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By Habibata Diallo

Shikamoo! That’s hello in Swahili, but for English it’s just plain Hello. Hey there, I’m Habibata a fashion obsessed teen fashionista and writer. I love to share all my modest fashion tips and style tricks on my blog. It’s honestly fun to write to all of you. I love to read too! Something about books just captures my heart, for some it may be Anime or Sci-fi. For me it’s books, I’d love to hear what you like. I’ve been dragging on for a long time so now it’s time to say Ciao. I upload every Saturday.


  1. Some good items to have on hand, although I prefer silver tones to gold 🙂 Personally, I love having comfortable beige pants on hand because they can be dressed up and dressed down.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. The beige pants are truly a classic. Silver tones don’t look best on me since I’m a warm tone gal, gold is always my best friend. 💖

      Liked by 1 person

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