Simple Outfits To Wear On A Chilly Lazy Day

Dear Ladies, It seems to be getting even colder in NYC, which makes me just want to snuggle up by a fire. But of course we have to dress the part. So here are a few cozy outfits that are perfect for a chilly lazy day. Who doesn’t love to throw on a comfy pairContinue reading “Simple Outfits To Wear On A Chilly Lazy Day”

The Leather Edit: All The Amazing Faux Leather Pieces To Add To Your Closet

Dear Ladies, I don’t know about you but lately leather is just everywhere. Leather has been a mainstream trend for a while, I don’t see it going away anytime soon. So here is all the faux leather pieces we need in our fabulous wardrobes. I will include some real leather pieces and faux leather pieces.Continue reading “The Leather Edit: All The Amazing Faux Leather Pieces To Add To Your Closet”

4 Fabric Types To Invest In

Dear Ladies, Lately I’ve realised with fast fashion on the rise quality clothing and qulaity brands are decreasing. Yes, there are some sustainable brands like Everlane, but our clothing is seeing more wear and tear faster than ever. Which is why its so important to invest in good quality pieces. Minimalism has also gain aContinue reading “4 Fabric Types To Invest In”

Closet Basics For The Modest Dresser

Dear Ladies, Lately I’ve seen modest fashion on the rise, I read articles on how it’s become so popular. Even Forbes released on article on it here. The article was published in 2018 and since then modest fashion a has been seen everywhere. As a modest fashion blogger it’s about time they took to seeingContinue reading “Closet Basics For The Modest Dresser”

Style&Me Update 11/21/20

Dear Ladies, I haven’t given you a life update in a while and I have plenty to tell you. There’s so much for us to catch up on, hop on in to my world. Style Lately I’ve been obsessing over jeans and crochet everything. Those wide leg jeans I mentioned I got a few monthsContinue reading “Style&Me Update 11/21/20”

Here’s A Look Book Inspired By Winx Club

Dear Ladies, I know we all have that iconic show that we always used to watch during our childhood. Honestly the early 2000’s was when fashion was at its peak. Getting back to the topic at hand, Winx Club and Bratz were for sure my favorite shows to watch during those times. What was yourContinue reading “Here’s A Look Book Inspired By Winx Club”

How To Style Wide Leg Jeans

Dear Ladies, My obsession with jeans first began with an order from Shein on one summer afternoon. With fall closing in on me I knew I needed to get my first pair of Jeans soon. I know it’s kind of crazy that I don’t own any jeans yet. But I’m surely looking forward to expandingContinue reading “How To Style Wide Leg Jeans”

Affordable Jewelry Pieces All Fashionistas Need

Dear Ladies, How many of you are always wearing some piece of jewelry? From simple gold hoops to extravagant Swarovski crystal bracelets, jewelry is always the icing on the cake to every outfit. But obviously finding good quality and affordable jewelry is always a mission. Who would’ve thought that with the internet at our disposal,Continue reading “Affordable Jewelry Pieces All Fashionistas Need”

A Complete Capsule Wardrobe According To Fashion Influencers

Dear Ladies, I know we all love influencers and we just adore their grace and style. But news flash, their wardrobe comes with a hefty price tag of at least $500,000 if not more. It’s hard not to follow in their footsteps and wear everything you see them wearing. But there’s one little thing calledContinue reading “A Complete Capsule Wardrobe According To Fashion Influencers”

Here Are All The Items That Are On Our Gifting Wishlist

Dear Ladies, I don’t know about you but I love giving and receiving gifts. (Don’t we all?) Something about putting together a gift box or arranging gifts for others always spark some creativity. Some may go above and beyond with gifts but again its really in the details. I don’t believe in “its the thoughtContinue reading “Here Are All The Items That Are On Our Gifting Wishlist”