Style&Me Update 11/21/20

Dear Ladies, I haven’t given you a life update in a while and I have plenty to tell you. There’s so much for us to catch up on, hop on in to my world. Style Lately I’ve been obsessing over jeans and crochet everything. Those wide leg jeans I mentioned I got a few monthsContinue reading “Style&Me Update 11/21/20”

The Power Of Habits and How You Can Create Good Ones

Dear Ladies, Can you define a habit. Obviously it’s something we do over and over again almost like we can’t stop doing it. You’re probably thinking about bad habits, but there are good habits. Like brushing your teeth every morning, that’s a good hygiene habit. That’s just one of the many good habits that weContinue reading “The Power Of Habits and How You Can Create Good Ones”

Amazing Home Decor You Need In Your Home

Dear Ladies, We’re going to stray from the normal fashion post and head into home decor. You may not know this but I love home decor. Styling up my own place is always a fun evening task. Changing up you’re environment can make you much more productive and inspired. So let’s get you inspired withContinue reading “Amazing Home Decor You Need In Your Home”

Style&Me Update August 29, 2020

Dear Ladies, I know its only been quite a few weeks since my last Style&Me Update, but so much as happened that I think you will love to know about. As usual I will leave some bonus surprises at the end of the post. But lets get straight in, there is plenty to share. IfContinue reading “Style&Me Update August 29, 2020”

Style&Me Update August 5th 2020

Dear Ladies, Haven’t had one of these posts in a minute huh, I did miss updating you ladies on life. Now it may not benefit you in anyway, but you might just find what your looking for in my other posts. With hours of scrolling on Tik Tok and browsing through Pinterest I’ve discovered soContinue reading “Style&Me Update August 5th 2020”

All The Best Netflix Shows To Watch During Quarantine

Dear Ladies, Life nowadays is boring, we ate so much we can’t eat anymore. Our phone is dead and the only thing left is the tv. After scrolling all over Netflix it seems like there is nothing good to watch. It’s like a thrift store there are always hidden gems there. Look no more hereContinue reading “All The Best Netflix Shows To Watch During Quarantine”

Style&Me Update May 9th

Dear Ladies, Here is a quick update on myself and on my style. Here is the first Style&Me! Lately I have been looking into successful people habits. I haven’t realized how their way of life differs from mines. I began making some adjustments like reading more and watching less tv. It’s I had an amazingContinue reading “Style&Me Update May 9th”