Stylish & Affordable Home Decor Pieces You Need From Target

Dear Reader, It’s been quite some time since I did a home themed blog post. Well I’m coming back strong with these amazing affordable home decor from target. These are super stylish home decor pieces, did I mention it’s all from target. Don’t expect the prices to be crazy, everyone is under $60!! The themeContinue reading “Stylish & Affordable Home Decor Pieces You Need From Target”

Amazing Home Decor You Need In Your Home

Dear Ladies, We’re going to stray from the normal fashion post and head into home decor. You may not know this but I love home decor. Styling up my own place is always a fun evening task. Changing up you’re environment can make you much more productive and inspired. So let’s get you inspired withContinue reading “Amazing Home Decor You Need In Your Home”