Why Personal Stylists are not only for celebrities or wealthy people

Dear Ladies, How many of you believe that stylists are only restricted to the wealthy? That seems like many of you and I bet you also think you don’t need one. I’m about to change your mind, of course only the wealthy can afford these semi outrageous prices stylist charge. But there are a someContinue reading “Why Personal Stylists are not only for celebrities or wealthy people”

Your Style&Me Update September 9, 2020

Dear Ladies, You might be wondering why the title is like that, but let me tell you it’s no typo. I decided instead of doing my regular fashion or lifestyle post I decided to talk with you guys. I know you love my life updates but I’m also interested about you. So here you goContinue reading “Your Style&Me Update September 9, 2020”

How To Style Tie Dye For Fall

Dear Ladies, Tie dye has been seen everywhere, from bags to shoes to eye makeup. The tie dye trend has resurfaced after its long hibernation in 2019. Personally I love tie dye, I used to do it all the time. Every time I see anything white a picture of it tie dyed pops to mind.Continue reading “How To Style Tie Dye For Fall”

Style&Me Update August 29, 2020

Dear Ladies, I know its only been quite a few weeks since my last Style&Me Update, but so much as happened that I think you will love to know about. As usual I will leave some bonus surprises at the end of the post. But lets get straight in, there is plenty to share. IfContinue reading “Style&Me Update August 29, 2020”

Killer Heels To Wear This Fall/Winter Season And Some Bonus Trends

1 – Nude boots // 2 – Baby blue rhinestone heels // 3 – Blush rhinestone flats // 4 – Black chain flats // 5 – White Mary Jane heels // 6 – Red platforms // 7 – Blue ankle boots // 8 – Yellow rain boots // 9 – Woven metallic flats Dear Ladies,Continue reading “Killer Heels To Wear This Fall/Winter Season And Some Bonus Trends”