Style&Me Update 11/21/20

Dear Ladies, I haven’t given you a life update in a while and I have plenty to tell you. There’s so much for us to catch up on, hop on in to my world. Style Lately I’ve been obsessing over jeans and crochet everything. Those wide leg jeans I mentioned I got a few monthsContinue reading “Style&Me Update 11/21/20”

Here’s A Look Book Inspired By Winx Club

Dear Ladies, I know we all have that iconic show that we always used to watch during our childhood. Honestly the early 2000’s was when fashion was at its peak. Getting back to the topic at hand, Winx Club and Bratz were for sure my favorite shows to watch during those times. What was yourContinue reading “Here’s A Look Book Inspired By Winx Club”

Affordable Jewelry Pieces All Fashionistas Need

Dear Ladies, How many of you are always wearing some piece of jewelry? From simple gold hoops to extravagant Swarovski crystal bracelets, jewelry is always the icing on the cake to every outfit. But obviously finding good quality and affordable jewelry is always a mission. Who would’ve thought that with the internet at our disposal,Continue reading “Affordable Jewelry Pieces All Fashionistas Need”

Simple Outfits To Wear In Cold Climates For Any Occasion

Dear Ladies, We all have this problem, don’t say you don’t because you do. (This only apply to cold climate dwellers.) Let me paint the picture for you, it’s freezing out and your all bundled up and you look like a clearance sale hit you. Yep we all go wild for those. But honestly I’mContinue reading “Simple Outfits To Wear In Cold Climates For Any Occasion”

Your Style&Me Update September 9, 2020

Dear Ladies, You might be wondering why the title is like that, but let me tell you it’s no typo. I decided instead of doing my regular fashion or lifestyle post I decided to talk with you guys. I know you love my life updates but I’m also interested about you. So here you goContinue reading “Your Style&Me Update September 9, 2020”

How To Style Tie Dye For Fall

Dear Ladies, Tie dye has been seen everywhere, from bags to shoes to eye makeup. The tie dye trend has resurfaced after its long hibernation in 2019. Personally I love tie dye, I used to do it all the time. Every time I see anything white a picture of it tie dyed pops to mind.Continue reading “How To Style Tie Dye For Fall”

Must Have Closet Staple : The Denim Shirt

Dear Ladies, Great you’re, finally here. I was just in the middle of styling this denim shirt. Lately I’ve been on the look out for some great denim finds and this one just spoke to me. Although it was only available in 1XL, but not to worry my fashion circuits were already finding multiple waysContinue reading “Must Have Closet Staple : The Denim Shirt”

Killer Heels To Wear This Fall/Winter Season And Some Bonus Trends

1 – Nude boots // 2 – Baby blue rhinestone heels // 3 – Blush rhinestone flats // 4 – Black chain flats // 5 – White Mary Jane heels // 6 – Red platforms // 7 – Blue ankle boots // 8 – Yellow rain boots // 9 – Woven metallic flats Dear Ladies,Continue reading “Killer Heels To Wear This Fall/Winter Season And Some Bonus Trends”

Modest Fashion Explained In 3 Minutes

Dear Ladies, What is modest Fashion? Why has it been getting so much more attention now more than ever? Is being modest fashionable? Modest Fashion is a trend that has been rapidly overtaking the Fashion industry with incredible speed. It’s style consist of a theme that boast stylish attires without the need of exposing onesContinue reading “Modest Fashion Explained In 3 Minutes”

5 Reasons On Why You Should Wear The Hijab

Dear Ladies, I know sometimes its hard to wear the hijab in a world that doesn’t accept different beliefs. Sometimes I do find it hard to, but it has never crossed my mind to take it off. It has become more common for hijabis to take their hijab off, which I absolutely don’t want toContinue reading “5 Reasons On Why You Should Wear The Hijab”