8 Must Have Self Care Products For A Rainy Day

Dear Ladies, It’s been quite gloomy in New York City, and that had me coming up with the perfect post for you. Since every lady loves a good pamper day especially during these slightly confusing times, I created this post. In this lifestyle letter I’m going to give you the top 10 items that areContinue reading “8 Must Have Self Care Products For A Rainy Day”

How To Create Outfit From Head To Toe

Dear Ladies, I know so many of us doom scroll on Pinterest looking for beautiful outfits to wear. But how much better would it be to be able to create your own outfits. Yes, so this weeks fashion letter is all about how to create the perfect outfit from head to toe. It’s not asContinue reading “How To Create Outfit From Head To Toe”

Simple Outfits To Wear On A Chilly Lazy Day

Dear Ladies, It seems to be getting even colder in NYC, which makes me just want to snuggle up by a fire. But of course we have to dress the part. So here are a few cozy outfits that are perfect for a chilly lazy day. Who doesn’t love to throw on a comfy pairContinue reading “Simple Outfits To Wear On A Chilly Lazy Day”

How To Style Wide Leg Jeans

Dear Ladies, My obsession with jeans first began with an order from Shein on one summer afternoon. With fall closing in on me I knew I needed to get my first pair of Jeans soon. I know it’s kind of crazy that I don’t own any jeans yet. But I’m surely looking forward to expandingContinue reading “How To Style Wide Leg Jeans”

Affordable Jewelry Pieces All Fashionistas Need

Dear Ladies, How many of you are always wearing some piece of jewelry? From simple gold hoops to extravagant Swarovski crystal bracelets, jewelry is always the icing on the cake to every outfit. But obviously finding good quality and affordable jewelry is always a mission. Who would’ve thought that with the internet at our disposal,Continue reading “Affordable Jewelry Pieces All Fashionistas Need”

How To Find Your Personal Style Easily

Dear Ladies, Half of us don’t even know what our style is and what it stands for and that is not your fault at all. With all these mega fashion influencers and bloggers and constant trends it’s overwhelming. We all just blindly follow the trends even if we don’t realize it. Ever seen a trendContinue reading “How To Find Your Personal Style Easily”

5 Unexpected Ways Your Style Can Impact Your Life

Dear Ladies, Style science is a thing. I know all of us would’ve love to take that in school. But anyways I’ve briefly mentioned how your style can impact your productivity rate in my previous. Well today we are going to elaborate more on that. Here are 7 unexpected ways your style can impact yourContinue reading “5 Unexpected Ways Your Style Can Impact Your Life”